Thursday, 23 January 2014


GRYPT has summoned spirits from the abyss to aid them in crafting a project that mingles a nihilistic assuredness with a vulnerable instability. The material sets the tone of a Horror movie with an unexpected and authentic quality that demands revisiting. GRYPT’s conceptual songwriting and opulent aesthetics are based on classic influences like Switchblade Symphony while their futuristic sound design draws comparisons to Gatekeeper and oOoOO.

Drawing influence from witch house, bass music and FM hip hop, GRYPT makes dirges for the dance floor. Romie Romak, diva of despair, serves vocals ranging from frigid sing-talking to ghostly belting, weaved into an undulating atmosphere of synth textures, dusty mellotrons and glitch beats crafted by composer/sound designer [tlr] (pronounced ‘Tee Ell Ar’).
Despite having formed only a few months ago, GRYPT is met with a sense of anticipation within native Los Angeles communal circles. A GRYPT remix mashup by occult luminary Myrrh Ka Ba (Tundra Dubs, Aural Sects) has been featured on the Insidious Clothing look-book 2012 video, as well as Myrrh Ka Ba's Long Clothing mix tape.

What began as a couple of days allotted to musical experimentation between friends quickly became the origin of GRYPT. The project’s name is an amalgamation of the words “glass crypt,” taken from a lyric to their track “Terrible Fish.” The idea of a glass crypt is thematically relevant enough to loosely describe their music in and of itself.

Watch an amazing performance... GRYPT Live:

Listen to GRYPT's Mixtape for Cultwave Radio: Nu:Minon:

Cultwave Recruitment Mixtape: GRYPT :Nu:Minon: by .:Cultwave Radio:. on Mixcloud


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