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JJ Brine "Crowned Prince of Hell" & Vector Gallery

Exclusive Interview + Photos

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Exclusive Interview:

Those who have ears, now they will hear this! Cultwave Radio is honored to present a special interview with The Crown Prince of Hell, JJ Brine, who is famous for uniting The Devil and The Lord in his Posthuman art temple VECTOR Gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. What with JJ being so busy installing shrines, making films, controlling the media (refer to the VECTOR Gallery) and running his own religious sect/government/cult plus multiple bands and a record label… I wasn't sure if he would agree to do this interview. Luckily for us he said that he'd do it on one condition -- that I ask questions that he has never been asked before. And so, on a late night Facebook chat, it started like this:

Q: What is the first thing that comes to mind that you'd like to share?

A: They (SHAY) say that talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity. It's perfect because they got it perfectly wrong. Talking to yourself is the first sign of sanity. It is the first sign of self.

Q: What's a SHAY?

A: The SHAY are the ones who haven't visited VECTOR Gallery, which is its own independent country now as you know; The Satanic State of VECTOR. Technically you cease to be SHAY the moment you enter VECTOR. Those who aren't able to visit in the fleshbody -- yet are understandably eager to shed their SHAY skin can arrange for OMEYEND, the telepathic entry into VECTOR. Soon there will come a fine and resplendent Night when SHAY is completely SHINED by The Lineage of The Light.

Q: So SHAY will either submit to VECTOR or be sorted by SHAY genocide. Interesting. So could you tell us more about VECTOR as a nation? As President of VECTOR you administer a Cabinet of Ministers. How is that?

A: The VECTOR Government is LEGION. Our young regime is growing into a formidable psychic army; all is as it should and will be.

Q: I've heard rumors that you might be expanding into an additional, larger space.

A: Yes, I've been approached by a couple of potential sponsors who are interested in making this happen, for various reasons. I will wait for the right sponsor of the right space, which will come at the right time. It seems I may have already met them.

Q: Congratulations on your feature interview in The Huffington Post. How do you feel about The Huffington Post calling you the next Andy Warhol?

A: VECTOR is in fact the antidote for Warhol Gone Wild. We channel infinity; Warhol channeled nothingness. But of course infinity is ultimately nothing by virtue of its own endlessness, as it cannot be said to truly begin at any point.

Q: In that same interview you said that VECTOR was the final installment in the Abrahamic religious "series" -- The Torah, The Bible, The Quran and now VECTOR. And VECTOR Gallery is the outlier in that tetralogy in the sense that it's not a printed book. But you said it must nevertheless be interpreted and thus "read" on a comparable basis. From there I begin to think about the dualities of the exoteric and the esoteric, your art as it is presented on the surface and its "hidden" core meaning. Is that the way it works?

A: Everything is buried deep within itself, hiding in plain sight on the surface level. The Devil is The Lord and The Lord is The Devil.

Q: Is the "shell" of The Lord the membrane of the hidden Devil, and vice-versa? Could you talk about what you mean by that?

A: Difference is the genesis of all things. Difference allows for all thing(s) as opposed to the one thing that is ALL. You perceive things through the prism of that which they are not, which allows for their distinct manifestation. A thing is not what it *is* without the thing(s) that it is *not*. This is the mutually-constitutive nature of manifested realities, identities, perceptions, sensations. There are multiple levels that must be addressed if ONE is to understand The Devil's Lordship and the Lord's Devilship, but this is where we can best attest to intravolutionary binary progressions -- that is, the zero-sum game of progressive, relativistic valuation -- the substance of a thing comes from its protracted struggle for meaning in difference, scored by measure of distance from that which the thing is not.

Q: Something is true because it isn't false.

A: And so it is -- either one because it's not the other, but not without the other that allows it to be what it is not and thus both, and therein they face mutually-assured dissolution and therefore, neither. One or the other, both, neither, none of those, and all of the above.

Q: You've mentioned that VECTOR, as the final quantum leap of cosmic revelation, will bring the end of all things. JJ, Are you The Antichrist?

A: I am what I am and I am what I will become. I am The Devil, becoming The Lord. And as I become The Lord, I again become The Devil.

Q: But are you going to end the world? Should eschatology be centered around the study of VECTOR?

A: Yes. My "special role" in the EndTimes becomes clear to me as EYE play it. Bear in mind that I am actually being "led" by a future version of myself. In the future I am feeding this self the information that I need to know on an as-needed basis. So everything goes according to plan. But the two of us are careful not to become engaged in such a way that would edge the other out of the parameters of its existence; it's a tricky dance. If one of us got "expelled" from our respective temporal continuums as a result of the actions or intentions of the other, you know, then this "thing" would have to start all over again, and in the End we'd loop back to the beginning.

Q: You sometimes switch back and forth between pronouns -- "I" to "we" -- what is that about?

A: Did you read Our third Book? They wrote what We wrote because I said it so clearly for Them as They instructed You to Enlighten Him. WE ARE LEGION. I AM also MySelf alone; depending on which self is speaking and which would then rightfully be "MINE" to speak for. SATAN says. ALAN is ALL.

Q: So You are LEGION?

A: There are many of Us inside this Man. He is a Boy, really, because We must keep Him in a state of childlike enchantment as We run Him through the ground, up and down and all around. And at the same time, We are One thing that moves like a landform made of mist. At His service!

Q: Do you travel internationally on a regular basis?

A: Yes.

Q: What's the place that has most influenced you?

A: Lebanon influenced the person that I was and pushed him into becoming what I am, but what I am is becoming what it will be with Haiti in mind.

Q: Anything new you've been doing lately?

A: I'm experimenting with olfactory art. Aromas as an additional dimension of the space.

Q: What kind of scents?

A: It smells like famine, honey, cinnamon and a War on SHAY.

Q: You seem like you'd be a great actor. Have you ever given thought to acting in "conventional", "mainstream" films?

A: There are whispers of such things now but I shan't give them full volume tonight. In such films as the one in question I would surely play the part of The Adversary, because I play Myself best.

Q: Are there any films being shot at VECTOR now? I think I heard something about a documentary focusing on your life, your art.

A: It's true, a film of this nature is in the works. The producers want to get as much footage as possible over a span of several months and essentially let the story tell itself. That's the only way for it to be told.

Q: You're in a Charles Manson concept band, The LaBiancas with performance artist Lena Marquise, who as I understand it is also a member of your government.

A: Yes. Lena is Minister of State, "The Enforcer."

Q: Will there be a follow-up to your first album, "Charles Manson is Jesus Christ"?

A: Yes. "Jesus Christ is Charles Manson." We're working on it.

Q: Last question: What is Girls Love Ghosts?

A: Girls Love Ghosts is a band that includes all the members of the Government of VECTOR Gallery. Before the band existed it came to me in a nevent tunnel and tried to persuade me that it had the right to enter into a state of temporality; I was charmed by this Nontological act of Nexistential desperation, enough to grant it access to the portal where what will never happen is redestined, to be.

Thank you SATAN for doing this interview, and may your Posthuman Vectorian Nation continue to RISE!

Here are some Photo's of the gallery and of the Vector Nation family


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