Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mascara Monsters

I was really blown away first chatting with Leia, and being introduced to their project Mascara Monsters. I fell in love with their work instantly, and now I'm a bit obsessed! The project was first started in 2012.. Leia say's "It all began when we started making music for this film we wanted to do but then the music got so fun we never finished the film". Even though every once in a while they get a craving to continue working on it, they say it could be still another year or more before we see it.
It is the fusion of their many influences that has allowed a sound that can only be described as Synthabilly, which is how they describe their own music. They been together just over 7 years, this husband and wife duo Leia and Brandon Gadow say it was their love of the band The Cramps that instantly connected them. The Cramps, is by far their biggest influence, and in-fact it is where they got their name... It's a line from their song She's Got Balls. I guess they are obsessed to the point where their home is apparently a shrine to them!

Have a look at some rad Cramps silk screens made by Brandon...

Check out this super sexy video from their project.. Definitely see influence from The Cramps in this video!
Try not to touch yourself when watching this!!

S E X † 3D from Mascara Monsters on Vimeo.

You can get their SEX EP here -->

Originally from Vacaville, CA, now current have found their home in San Diego and in the emerging underground music scene which is also home to oustanding artists like PRAYERS, ∆AIMON, Erleen Nada and Pre teen Pornstar who did a remix of their Kip Tyler cover "My Witch"

Some other influences are Quintron and Miss Pussycat.

You can especially hear The Cramps influence in their new smash hit!! "Sex Drugs Rock & Roll"

If my mind wasn't already blown away.. then I discovered this playlist that Leia had compiled. It's an outstanding collection of music by female artists from all over the world. It might touch on somethings that are meant to shock you, but will also make you want to dance in the horror of it all.

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