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Ric now 22 started out experimenting with music in Fruity Loops studio when he was 15, It took a couple years before he started his first project "I am program" and then later as "digital ocean." Digital Ocean eventually ended up going darker and turned into what powwowW is now.

After uploading some tracks to soundcloud as powwowW, he got some light blog coverage and was featured on Mishak in early 2011. They hailed that powwowW was among the next generation of witchhouse that was to becoming more dance oriented and was better suited to live performance while still having it's roots in WH. Shortly after that he was contacted by Phantasma Disques and Tundra Dubs and that's how he was introduced into the scene..

I asked him what some of the high points have been for him in the past few years and he replied.

"There have been a few. Playing in Seattle with Bryan Kurkimilis from White Ring, playing with RITUALZ and performing in general. I've met many people and slowly started getting involved with the music scene in the east bay area and here I am now. To me powwowW has been more than a music project. It has been a journey of self-discovery and self acceptance. I have done things that I never thought I would be able to do and thanks to my music and to those who are so wonderful and love what I share, I have been able to learn to love and accept myself and break out of my shell"

He started out making dreamy, dark music, but there came a point where Ric needed to challenge himself as a producer, so he started to deviate away from the "witchy" sound and explore new song writing, production techniques and sounds. He is mainly influenced by his feelings so each release is like a certain moment in his life, as feelings change so does his music.

His latest release "Miracle Down"

Right now his is currently working on another release for POPGANG an independent label in San Francisco, who also released his work here:

"J E N O V A"

And there are a lot more of his of releases on Soundcloud:

Enjoy this free download of an exclusive mixtape he made for Cultwave Radio: DOWNLOAD

Cultwave Recruitment Mixtape: powwowW by .:Cultwave Radio:. on Mixcloud

He also recommends the work of other artists like Pictureplane, Crystal Castles, OooOO and Salem.

You also need to check out this really nice video from his channel..

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