Saturday, 8 February 2014


Lalo Fabela from Toluca Mexico founded his project CA†HEDRA in December 2011. His biggest influence is RITUALZ who's also from his home country of Mexico.

The first track he made as CA†HEDRA was KETAMINE. He was just playing with some random synths on frutyloops decided to try adding some slow beats and that was the birth of his current works. He has released his first release 5U1C1D3 Ep with Chilean web label =quilateral and will be releasing one or two new ep's this year and also a single for "annie chancel" that will include a few unreleased remixesthis upcoming month..

You can find his latest release D3MONS here:

Enjoy this exclusive mixtape featuring music from:

In3briant, Mois†, SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS, Waka Flocka Flame, βенера Ŧиль, CROSSPARTY, A G A T E S, CA†HEDRA, M△S▴C△RA

Cultwave Recruitment Mixtape: CA†HEDRA by .:Cultwave Radio:. on Mixcloud

He has done remixes for teehn bwitches which was the first track he produced and also for artist's Drowning The Colossus, Hollow Press, Shisa, †enebrae and more.. you can Follow him and also find some of his other remixes here:

I asked him about his most memorible tracks were, he replies...

"my first witch house crush was Salem's RedlightsI can listen that track one thousand times and still enjoying like the first time i listened to it".

Another one of his reccomendations is a RITUALZ track..


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