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Exclusive Interview + Mixtape: Corroded Master

Q:. Can you give us a brief introduction to your project Corroded Master?

A:. Corroded Master. A project name I found in a metal band name generator site, since I had the intention to do metal,however it quickly turned to experimental sample manipulation.

Long story short, I now do EBM-ish screamy techno. The project is still mostly an expression of myself, but with added support from an acoustic and electric guitarist.
I try to throw in some stuff that isn't as common to my genre and also to work with all sorts of folks. Rappers, grindcore vocalists, metal bands, witch house, and whatever else. Even noise. It's just the manufacturing department of the bipolar mix of musical inclinations I hold.

Q:. Who are some of your fav artist that you would like to recommend?

A:. Lately, I've been really influenced by and would recommend $waggot, FGFC820, Die Sektor, Blvck Ceiling, Suicide Silence, Depeche Mode (especially their early stuff), and well just about anything I hear. But also check out the artists listed above AAAAAND others like FFF, Duranduranduran, Angerfist, Bong-Ra, Alien Vampires
Freakangel, Dark Funeral, S3rl.

Q:. Tell us about your upcoming releases, you plan on releasing 3 albums??

A:. At least. And they're all three separate genres. Electronic/Industrial, Black Metal, Acoustic/Folk/Neofolk.

I want people who usually wouldn't like my tunes to like them. Or who usually like them to hate them. Or for them to just hear alternate sides to the project.

We're gonna do Acoustic/folk/neofolk versions of CM stuff from various albums stuff anywhere as old as Distorted Conception (which isn't that old) to the new album. And by new album I mean currently unreleased.
It's gonna have violin, acoustic guitar and bass, mandolin, trumpet, bass drum (no other percussion for the most part), etc. And these versions will not have harsh vocals.

And a vinyl single too will be released this year. We're going to be setting up a kickstarter for that. The single will be a limited edition of probably 20. A clear lathe-cut 7'.
One side will have a song from the electronic album. One side from the black metal one.The sleeve will reflect this as well.

Q:.Is there anything else coming up in the next little while the you'd like to let us in on?

A: Yes. I've also produced a track for $waggot that will be released soon!

Okay so you have put together a second mixtape for us let’s get into that!!

#1 Crystal Castles - Child I Will Hurt You
Album: (III)
Label: Casablanca Records, Last Gang Records, Universal Republic

I chose this one to be in the mix because it's a gorgeous song. And it works with the track after it. A lead-in of sorts. It's got melody and sadness in it but in a different way that can still compare to Xasthur. Crystal Castles is a band that you probably already know if you're listening to this mixtape. They do some cool electronic music and are hugely popular.

#2 Xasthur - Purgatory Spiral
Album: Defective Epitaph
Label: Daymare Recordings

This one is slow, droning, and melodic at the same time. It gives a feel of sadness and drudgery. I find it very pretty yet excruciating as well- especially knowing how anti-social and fucked up the life of the one man behind Xasthur was. Xasthur is a one man black metal project. Pure misanthropy. In interviews(which are rare as he is quite secluded) he promptly displays his hate for all save for the rare few.

#3 I Shalt Become - Paintings In A Gallery
Album: Wanderings
Label: Moribund Records
Now, this track is just raw, but still feels similar to the Xasthur track before it in that it is just a release of emotions and melodic dis-chordic guitars. Both bands are American as well which was a total coincidence. I don't know much about this band besides their nationality. I've seen a few comments here and there about them being connected to NSBM but I can't confirm.

#4 Ice Ages - Essential Loss
Album: Buried Silence
Label: Napalm Records

This is just as dark and heavy as most of the black metal and otherwise on the mixtape. Ice Ages is actually the solo project of one of the two members of the black metal band Summoning.

#5 Hocico - Our Death
Album: Autoagresion Persistente
Label: Not On Label
This is more industrial again. Its much more gothic and such than Ice Ages but still fitting in its atmosphere. Hocico is a Mexican industrial/EBM/whatever band that recently celebrated their 20th anniversary.

#6 The Great Cathedral Fire - Destruction(Alt)

A side project of mine. How else to describe it besides somewhat crazy? Dunno. Its just a good lead in to Bathory and some self-promotion.

#7 Bathory - In Conspiracy With Satan
Album: Bathory
Label: Black Mark Production

It heats up the aggression a bit. Bathory are the godfathers of Black Metal along with Venom and other such band. Mostly the product of singer Quorom.

#8 Summoning - Nightshade Forests
Album: Dol Guldur
Label: Napalm Records

I've wasted a lot of time listening to this 10 minute masterpiece. Lots of orchestral and synth work. Great epic black metal with a lot of melody that makes me want to raid a village viking style. Summoning is a black metal band from Austria founded in '93.

#9 Burzum - Han Some Reiste
Album: Det Som Engang Var
Label: Misanthropy Records, Cymophane Productions

A beautiful synth ambient orchestrial whatever piece done while Varg was in prison. It fits after the Summoning song and almost sounds like it would fit well IN a Summoning song. Burzum is one of black metal's most infamous bands. Not so much a band as a one man project that ranges from ambient to black metal. Killed Euronymous from Mayhem. Brutal.

#10 Godflesh - Streetcleaner
Album: Streetcleaner
Label: Earache
The synth in the beginning provides a good buffer period from the Burzum track to the angry, harsh, machine-like metal of Godflesh. This band is very influential to me and to much of industrial, metal, and industrial metal and often hailed as forefathers of industrial metal.

#11 Darkthrone - The Hordes Of Nebulah
Album: Panzerfaust
Label: Moonfog Productions

Just brutal, heavy, raw black metal. Shittily recorded on purpose. Darkthrone are one of the second wave of black metal along with Burzum, Mayhem and such. But they later turned a bit more heavy metal.

#12 Feindflug - Kahle Bedrohung
Album: 10 August 1940 demo
Label: no label

This is a hard hitting industrial track that begins with something in German. The guitar still fits as an answer to the raw humanity in Darkthrone with it's mechanical sampled form. Feindflug are a mysterious instrumental industrial band. They achieved popularity without even using vocals which is rare.

#13 VNV Nation - Pro Victoria
Album: Of Faith, Power And Glory
Label: Anachron Sounds

An outro (originally an intro) with pounding orchestral drums and epic strings. A lead-out to this mixtape. VNV Nation is a leading band in the style of Futurepop usually but they sometimes do songs like this and it turns out amazing.

Enjoy the mixtape here:

Kvltwave Recruitment Mixtape: Corroded Master by .:Cultwave Radio:. on Mixcloud


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