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Justin Craig aka CONCLΔVE from the Philippines just released his debut album February 12 on Phantasma Disques. He has been receiving a lot of attention recently so we asked him to put together a mixtape for us with some of his favorite tracks. Also had a few questions for him just so we could get to know a little about him and what he has planned to do next..

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started?

A: I started to make music when i was in college. i love making art .i mean, i first got into drawing when i was a kid, and i think music was another way for me to express my art. and since i am obsessed with music, i figured that it was time for me to take my art to the next level. So I stumbled upon some DAW and started to start from scratch. And since I don’t really have a background regarding music making, (i was never trained when i was a kid) you can guess how bad my early stuff sounded...haha! But then I got exposed to witch house. like, Salem, White Ring, and the rest of the gang. and i was like, shit, these tracks sound really simple and yet they are very distinct ,evocative, and beautifully intoxicating. so yeah from there on out, the rest was history..

Q: What has been some of the high points for you since you began?

A: I think the real high point has been my album making its way into japan. like seriously, its so surreal. I've always seen japan as ahead when it comes to music, whether underground or mainstream. and so my album getting some love there is just crazy!

Q: Who are some other artist you currently listening to that you would like to recommend?

A: Right now I’m really into Banks. her music is  beyond beautiful. also, 3TEETH. their stuff are really solid and strong.. it  has that sludgy oomph!

Q: Who have been some of you biggest supporters since you have started this project?

A: Mostly, people from Russia, US and Germany. here in asia ,Japan has been really warm in receiving my music. funny thing is, there in my country , (Philippines) it is not  that well received.

Q: How about past music influences..  if you could name a 5 artist that have had some major influence on you through out your life who would they be?

A: I can only name 3 (my biggest influences)  Nakata Yasutaka, SALEM and Bjork.

Q: Have you been mostly producing or do you also do live performances?

A: its mostly a bedroom project. it came to point though that i did  live stuff.

Q: If you could do a live show anywhere in the world where would be your dream to do have a show?

A: anywhere where the crowd and the atmosphere is cool, I'm game.

Q:  Out of all the tracks you’ve produced what are you favorite ones?

A: my most favorite ones would be melted, ocean star, and crystal skies. for the sole reason that those tracks were the ones where i really, really pushed myself to the limits. (maybe even beyond haha)

Q: You’ve collaborated with quite a few people on your last album. Is there anyone you'd like to write a song with, or collaborate with?
A: Definitely yöri. The girl is overflowing with talent. She’s otherworldly. We have been in talks for months actually. .

Hopefully we finally get something done..she could be BIG ya know. With the right team.

Hmmm dark sister too. They have this raw edge. They sound fucking fearless

Q: What is you fav track by yori?

A: Limbo Lounge

Q:  What about your own life and the world around you is expressed in your music?

A: To be honest i really don't know. I just let it translate naturally.

Q: If you could change anything about the world what would it be?

A: I think the world doesn't need change. However, the people dwelling on it does.

Q: What is something that really inspires you?

A: Making music.

CONCLΔVE - Ocean Star (feat. Luxe Calip)

CONCLΔVE -  Portals featuring Blam Lord

Video Produced By: Nome

I also had a chance to talk to Nome about the video he produced for this track and this was his response.

The connectivity of these realms that all share a common denominator, not an origin necessarily but a channel they all tune through, these realms eye mean. They are all around us, these worlds & communities that are all connected / discontented in many ways. Back to this particular material, eye say these three artists, including myself united by the capability to log in to a cyberspace, by then creating, conjuring, and casting this idea of interco-net-ivity, that represents literally how we communicated and create together, through this cybernetic portals torn into an organic world.ns in the video, they are shadows of people from a train window repeating but it's very dreamlike instances , they don't fully manifest. No pun intended

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