Tuesday, 20 May 2014

(o)†hers:.:Ritualistic Submission mix

Q: Can you give us an introduction to yourself and your project?

A: I'm Ron D'Andrea, the creator of Glorey Whole Entertainment, and the artist behind (o)†hers, W! Re, and HapPyNesS. I started two years ago DJing as Click Dark. I donate all my income from music to Saving Furry Friends Animal Rescue.

Q: That's so awesome! Can you tell me more about this. How much money have you been able to raise by selling your work?

A: Well, support has been hit or miss. Cash wise, I have not made nearly what I expected to at this point. I put together a compilation album in early 2013. It consisted of some heavy hitters in the Electronic Noise scene, like Dino Felipe, and Front Sonore. That album so far, has brought in just over $700 for the Rescue, on top of an additional $500 donated by an artist that also donated a great song on the album.  Animal Rescue is and has been my biggest passion in life. I am just happy that making music, can help out the cause, and introduce new people to rescue.
Q: It’s great that you’re introducing people to this cause. It’s pretty important to raise awareness. Well hopefully by spreading the word more people who do care can get in touch with the cause. I have so much respect for what you have been doing.

A: It is nice.. The word gets spread. Photos of the dogs in need are seen by a lot more people. But It takes money to actually save the animals. Prayers and 'likes' don't feed and provide them with homes.

Q: How much money does it take to save 1 animal, and how is the money usually spent?

A: On average we would need $110-155 to save one dog from a kill shelter. That is in addition to needing a foster home. Also the totals can rise extremely high, depending on the health of the animal. One dog could turn into many thousands of dollars. Much more exact information can be found on the website SavingFurryFriends.com . or by contacting Carolyne Watembach on the facebook page of Saving Furry Friends

Q: Do you have plans to do anymore projects like the compilation you released in the near future?

A: I have nothing planned at this time, as far as compilations go. I do have two collaborative projects (albums) in the works with other artists. I also will be releasing a few albums on my record label of other acts. In which, all the proceeds will go to the animal rescue.

Q: Can you tell me a bit more about collaborations who are you working with. And also about the albums that you will be releasing on your label?

A: I am currently working on music for Richard Crowe. For those, interested in  the adult film world, may know of him from his S&M hardcore films. I also am working with Stan Hansen of Discipline4Boys on a few collaborative tracks. My most recent work, was a remix for Neil Morrison of (a is to b) and "andtheywilldeceiveus" from the Dreamdark label. My label, Glorey Whole Entertainment will be releasing albums this year from ACIDTRASH, Discipline4Boys, Drain Cleaner, and a few surprises.

Q: How this all start for you, who have been your biggest supporters and what were some your inspirations?

A: I started making remixes back in 2007. It was just a real fun thing, i thought only I would ever hear. Then a few friends I had made from Myspace talked me into really creating music. I thank Jimi (Gird_09), and Anthony ( The Implicit Order) with giving me the confidence to create. All of my work in the beginning was created by using small pieces of other artists songs and mashing them into a complete new track. That is where I came up with the moniker " (o)†hers ".  Thanks to early interest from Black Lodge Records, I had my first album release, titled "Needs" : http://0thers.bandcamp.com/album/needs

I also have released albums on Workerbee Records, and Sirona Records , along with being on many compilations for various labels. My music is heavily influenced by Some More Crime and Swamp Terrorists, two early EBM/ sample driven artists. I also credit again, The Implicit Order, my favorite artist, for helping me create tape music, usage of off-beat movie samples, and wonderful droned out orchestral pieces. My favorite style of music is Witch House, and I hope to continue to grow and create more music along that genre, with a few unique twists thrown in..

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