Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Members: Chris Lacroix, Christel “Siobahn Seven” Carbalo 
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Q: Is there a story behind the name of your project? Why did you choose it?

Chris - Well there’s an interesting story to that actually. The project actually came about by total accident. One day I was sitting down writing some dark ambient stuff, I posted it online to show some friends. A friend of mine Alex (BlakOpz) jokingly said “Make it Witch House”. I took the challenge and I did. At this point I had just started getting into Witch House, I had not written any ever. So I took a shot at it. The first track written was Invocation off of Nocturnes Opaque. That kick-started the whole thing. From there I wrote the rest of the album in 2 months and hired on singer Suzie Hess (Ɏ.T). Songs were pretty much written but we had no band name. We tossed ideas around for a week or so. Apollyon’s Visage translated means “The Destroyers Face”. Since the idea behind the music was to destroy sounds it suited it very well. Even the symbols have specific meanings as well. But those secrets will be unleashed soon enough ;).

Q: If your music was the soundtrack to someones dream what would they be dreaming about?

Chris - Well, funny you ask. Since most of what I write is actually based on sounds, feelings and sights seen during my night terrors and sleep paralysis. In other words the music is based on horrible nightmares where the scariest, darkest things your mind can imagine are trying to kill you.

Christel - I would definitely say possession and torment, but in that subtle sense, not the full-blown sort of things you see in movies. Definitely a more ethereal image of these things, all hazy and unclear.

 Q: Can you tell us what some of the things that have influenced or inspired you most?

Chris - For me it’s always changing, I write a lot of different styles. But for AV I would have to say the biggest ones are visual art. I really like photography and art that dives into the occult world of things. Same with occult texts as well, it’s something I have been into as a child. I’m also an avid gamer as well and I love horror survival kinds of games. That helpless feeling you have going down a dark hallway with unknown things present is a feeling you can’t get in this world. I love to create that feeling with sound.

 Christel - I would say the inspiration/influence for me is definitely some hellish crossbreed between the nightmares that I have and the struggle with mental illness. In fact, one of the tracks on the most recent album is inspired by some of the strange things I experience as I start to drift to sleep at night.


Q: The saying goes a picture says a thousand words what are some images that come to mind if you had to use pictures to describe your music to someone?

Chris - Decades old cold case investigation photos, grainy pictures of unknown objects. Things that invoke fear, uneasiness or stress. Describing this with an image is hard as it deals with a lot of the unknowns of the mind. If i had to try, it would be a person screaming, but they have no eyes or mouth.

Christel - A person running into fog-filled woods, someone alone against a vast landscape (ie alone in a desert, or on a cliff overhanging a crashing ocean), somebody waking from a nightmare breathless and frantic.

You can find more of their work by following these links:

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