Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Charlie Sheena - Death Or Fashion

I'm honored to introduce to you to artist Charlie Sheena, Bronx NY, Born & Raised. She is a LGBT rap artist who has a very elevated sense of fashion and east coast hip hop and creates what she likes to call "Avant-Garde Hip Hop".  

"I grew up with a lot of different influences I was born into a Jamaican household where my mother listen to all kind of contemporary music and dance hall. My grandfather listened to jazz and my great grandmother who raised me for the most part listened reggae the Lawrence Welk Show and folk and I watched britcoms. I grew up in the bx Florida and queens it was a smorgasbord of culture and fashion my mom was assistant buyer for a lot of top stores on Fifth Avenue in the 70s and avid studio 54 attendee. The growing up in the bx post crack era really shaped the culture I was around. It all made me into like a warrior kid that knows how to get to the paper while looking fresh as a motherfucker. .. I could be homeless tomorrow and know how to cope. .. but I'm really ready to get to the ultra goodlife you know I want to be shiny"

This track Ode To Edgar is inspired by the writings of Edgar Allen Poe someone who she idolizes, the lyrics are stylize after the writings of Edgar and the video was filmed by Designs By Nome in his cottage which is located in the Bronx, just a few miles from where she lives. This is her first video from the album Death Or Fashion and there will also be two more also produced by Nome, Fucking Star and Nancy Botwin that we can look forward to seeing soon!

                 Charlie Sheena - Ode To Edgar

Her debut album is titled Death or Fashion it has a dark aesthetic. She say's that the influence for the title of the album come from her life experiences of dealing with death or fashion and her rebirth to become the person she was truly meant to be. She draws a lot of influence from her family life and having to cope with the death of her mother who passed away on her birthday and her sister who was in a tragic accident caused by a stress induced trance where she almost died.

  "I'm dealing with death or fashion a choice in whether or not to accept death lay down or to put my look on and survive"

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