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Self Perception


Self Perception is 20 years old, current studies Digital Arts in Tampa Bay, Florida he has been producing under the Self Perception alias for about 3 years. I had the pleasure to chat with him a little and hear about his new Ep what his inspirations were and also a bit of a story of his life so far. This Ep out now on  Nigh† †errors the official record label of Nightmares and 808s.

Q: Tell us a bit about your life and how you got interested in making music?

I've always been fascinated with music ever since I was little, I was introduced to Pink Floyd at a very young age so my standards for music were set pretty high to begin with. I started messing around in fl studio when I was about 16, didn't really take it seriously though until I was a freshman in college.

I grew up in tampa, I’ve always lived there. Not in the city but on the outskirts of it. My family is very southern with christian values. Growing up it was always kind of hard to express my thoughts without getting backlash for it. I always kinda kept my thoughts to myself and I think over the years it kinda started to take its toll on me. I found myself having a growing hate towards people and I became very narcissistic. I honestly don’t really like people because I see them as being predictable and manipulative creatures who only care about themselves. Growing up with a mentality like this was hard, i have a small group of friends who all think the same way I do, see people for what they really are and whatnot. Being alone has its downsides, I’m constantly paranoid and depressed. I used sports to distract me from my problems in highschool, I was the captain of two teams by senior year. But when high school ended I didn’t really know what to do with myself. Over the summer I went to my friends cabin in milford, pennsylvania. We were there for around two weeks so we had a lot of time to just sit around on his laptop and find new music. We came across XXYYXX's “About You” video. We both became obsessed with it. I knew from that time on I wanted to make music. Within 30 minutes i had taken my friends laptop and was researching ways to make music. I remembered my earlier days with FL studio and decided it was time I get back to work on making music. For the first year and a half or so i experimented with chillwave and tried to recreate artists such as Mathbonus and Blackedout... was unsuccessful in my attempts. It served as a learning experience, as it taught me how to use a DAW, how to mix, you know the basic in's and out's of music production. I eventually decided to start moving towards another genre. Then I heard Lost by Crim3s and it brought me to tears. I literally cried because it felt like all the things that were wrong in my life were being felt by another person. I no longer felt totally alone. I have a lot of depression issues and music helps me deal with them to some degree.

You’re about to release a new Ep on how long has this been in the works and what were some of the things that influenced you in your work?

Well the ep has 5 songs, each representing my various struggles with depression. From start to finish the ep has taken probably 4 or 5 months to create. That doesn't include conceptual processes and early compositions. The ep represents my struggle with faith, not with religion, but with the faith that tomorrow will be a better day. I see the world as a shitty place and I think that can be heard in my music. The overall mood of the ep i would say is this constant mood of negativity. sort of like the world is bearing down on you and as the ep progresses on it just keeps getting heavier and heavier. You hope that it lightens up but it never does. So by the end of the album you're just kinda stuck in this mood of depression. I certainly don't want the listener to be depressed by any means, but instead to understand and realize that depression is a scary thing. I guess that's why I make witch house, its a scary and serious sound that is good for conveying my story. I think the beauty of the genre is being able to evoke emotion in the listener without needing lyrics. The sounds themselves tell a story, whether it be the dark and doomy saw bass or the ear piercing feedback type synths that remind you that life is a very uncomfortable occurrence. Sadness is a very complex emotion with many facets to understand, and No Signs. Lost Faith. is kinda me laying the foundation so i can explore these emotions without having to talk to somebody. I guess what I'm trying to say is that witch house is the therapist I never had.

Listen to Some of his work here:

What have you been some of your fav artist you've been listening to lately?

A lot of crim3s Deff my fav wh artist and hardcore lol.  Other artists Childish gambino, sparklehorse, earl sweatshirt, salem, white ring, impending doom, king conquer and Jason effing mraz..

Check here to get your copy of the Ep:

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  1. I just want to share with you the new song of my favourite rap artis D-Edge -"The trueprint" , enjoy it because I can't stop listening to it