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When did this project come in to it's conception? and how?   

We left the black/doom/ gothic scene because we got bored of that people and decided to play electronic music to piss them off it was a joke at the beginning  we knew nothing about electronic music.

So not having any experience making electronic music in starting this project did you expect people would be into what you were doing?   

When we uploaded our very first song we received messages from european/specially russian people wanting us to play there, people soon started to follow us on soundcloud and fb quickly, we still have no idea where that little buzz came from, we had like 3 songs released and european websites were already writing articles about us and asking for interviews, one site from Spain even said that we are The Jesus and Mary Chain of XXI century, after all that we were like "this might work" thats when we took it seriously. We still have no idea of what we are doing, we know almost nothing about production, mixing or mastering and that shit, we build songs like back when we played in real bands; drum track,bass track, lead track, rythm track, some vocals    over all that and thats it  

What is it about your sound do you believe got so many people interested?    

I think people like the heaviness and ahmm abrasiveness of the sounds and that most of the songs are very dancey, thats what I believe...

Have you ever listened you anything considered Electroclash/Disco-punk?

I think tex taiwan, sexy sushi, kap bambino and all that is electroclash right?, someone said that we sound like that and we checked it out, and totally love it, its basically punk played exclusively with electronic instruments, very noisy and raw, we love those kind of bands   

Do you see this project going in a direction where you will play shows and fill a dance floor?   

I think that will happen soon, we are touring this year...   

Where will you be touring?    

Still not 100% sure but the plan is to play in Russia, Spain, Brazil and the states   

Do you have a network of people in all these places to help you get this going?    

Yeah of course, promoters and tour managers will take care of us, in russia is where we have more "contacts" because our label is from there.   

When do you plan to start your tour?    

Supposedly on june/july we have no idea of how much is it going to last, the label is organizing everything. I've seen videos from witch-related there festivals and its just unbelievable,  everything looks very professional, they take it very seriously.

That must have given you a lot of inspiration to become more pro at what you do?

Not really, maybe to become even more raw (?) haha

How did it make you feel to get such a good response from people in the WH community, and what about the music do you like or dis-like?

Well, we appreciate that witch house people embraced us, we have met great people in this scene and all but I don't think we belong here really. I mean if you listen to our music it doesn't  sound like witch house, at least we think so. We don't use unicode or talk about horror and that kind of thing, or drink Fiji water or listen to vaporwave and all that daft shit. We also strongly dislike the whole "hip hop" influence, witch house grabbed our attention because of the "ethereal" songs, stuff like ev3nmorn and glass teeth, that's the kind of shit we first got into. For example: I love salem's ethereal stuff like glass, king night, hound, etc, but the rap shit is just unbearable   

Okay so how do you think Epileptics fit in to this scene, and do you plan on exploding all over the place and leaving your mark as an artist with this project?

I could come up with many fake answers but I'll be honest: I never think about that, And yeah we want to explode all over the place, behind the music documentary and all that ha...          

And what other music is a main influence for you?

We get inspiration from black metal and goth music, funeral doom and all that, and not even the popular bands, we are into very underground ones I think that's why we sound different, even a couple of our songs are total rip-off's of doom metal songs.

What do you want the listens to feel when they listen to your music and are there messages in the music that your trying to get across to everyone?

We encourage self harm and self destructive behaviour.

Can you tell us about some of the tracks in particular and how you come up the lyrics do them just come out or are they based on your real life experiences ?

If you pay attention to the lyrics most of them deal with anorexia, mental/physical disorders, suicide, self mutilation and the occult. We both were heavily into cutting, still are but way less than years ago, Razorz has been institutionalized a couple of times, I overdosed once and I'm classified as a "mentally unstable person" in my health certificate. "Skjaskabeteende" is about cutting, "Heroin Chic" is about pale anorexic people, aesthetic too, "10mg diazepam pils" is about having a convulsion, etc ....

Do you hope more of your fans would be classified as being mentally unstable?

I wish we could have more supporters like that haha

So what would your ideal show be like?

People Crying on the floor

So this overwhelming feeling of self destruction has been the main influence in your music ?

That's right, negativity leads us, that's pretty much our concept.  

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  1. this guys are the next big thing, I've never heard something like this before, plus they have very sharp opinions about pretty much everything, very rockstarish attitude, love that!