Monday, 25 May 2015

Myst by Shinji

Brad Bleak:.

Can you give some insight as to what your inspirations were for this album and is there a story or message behind Myst you would like to share?


I had the idea of this album at the end of 2013-beginning 2014. It might be a little bit cliché, but I had broken up with a person I really loved, and I had spent many joyful moments with her, and composed a lot of music... So I was alone with all these tracks I produced in like 1 or 2 months. On the same vibes, I had very old tracks (2010-2011), and I wanted to finish those. So I decided to do an album with all of this on the final tracklist there are no 2010-11 tracks remaining. Utopia, Helixir, Delicate Tiny Keepsake and Things Left Behind from the September-December 2014 era (I re-did a lot of things and recomposed some things, but the original ideas were there).
With the idea of the album, I wanted to do something that could talk melancholy, missing someone, and happy moments. In a moment of pure melancholy/anxiety or maybe not (I do not remember well, but the lyrics are the perfect description of this state and how I feel it). I composed Behind The Screen (it might be my best track ever, for the few people who heard it as I write this it is). Vers Les Etoiles and Empty Dreams came in a single attempt at trying new sounds.

The album is called Myst, and to me, it has to be read as a contraction of "My Mist". This album represents what is standing in the deepest place of my mind, something that few people can understand, but I hope people will be able to identify. The artwork is a modified picture of me holding a coral, surrounded by an opaque fog.  A reminder of my previous seapunk/internet culture influenced music (Elysium and Inanimate Paradise), and now, an insight into the tortured mind behind this... Behind the screen.

For this album, my old inspirations, emotions, and early electronic music such as Jean Michel Jarre or Kraftwerk, and more recent music such as AFX, r.roo, Tapage, or Human Error. (my inspirations are more in IDM and new wave than in actual electronic music) Those artists put souls in their music. It is not like those soulless minimal music we can hear in hipster parties. Where they claim themselves as so dark but they are unable to say anything about themselves that could help understand their art because they don't do art, they do entertainment.

This is also why I feel so at my place in goth/new wave/witch house circles. Even if my music isn't sounding like these styles, I think some people in those scenes know what my sounds are communicating. The support I received from internet scenes recently touches me (and for this, Post Religion and URLFuture have to be quoted, specially URLFuture for Inanimate Paradise and Vers Les Etoiles). Now Shinji is evolving as a tentacular musical spirit involved in a lot of projects and collectives. I want this to become an entity in which rejected people can identify with, not the Tumblr offended by everything. Not those morons, but the evil we don't see, people suffering in silence, who do not belong to any of those stereotypes. I've gotten in a lot of interesting conversations with people concerned by this recently because life isn't only about stereotypes; it's about singularity. When your are a singularity, you are alone because no one understand you. In a way, that's why I do music, to be understood, and I hope me people could realize that someone on this planet understand how he/she feels. You're not alone, I think it is the universal message of Myst, no matter what, remember the good because it brings hope and hope gives you a reason to live.

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